Saturday, August 18, 2007

Me O My! Yarn ball winder & Yarn swift!

Me oh my! I love my new yarn swift and ball winder! After reading for several days a discussion on Elizabeth’s year yahoo group about swifts and ball winders, I did some investigating on these strange contraptions. First remember, that I am a self-taught knitter so my first reaction was “swift? What are they talking about?” So I did the All American farm girl thing and googled it. Wow! What neat tools!
Well, I immediately got back on to the group and asked where and what brand everyone seemed to be using. I then went to eBay and did some searching. I also then went to one of my distributors. Lo and behold, they carry both a nice ball winder and a wooden yarn swift. I promptly ordered one of each, never mind that I didn’t’ make the minimum and had to pay my own shipping. Neat new tools! Who could ask for more?
Well, they arrived on Friday afternoon while I was out. My fingers have been itching to get into that box. I knew what long box from UPS contained! After finally finishing breakfast, making bird rounds, and feeding babies, getting Steve on the road this morning, showered, and dressed, I opened my big box!. Well, the ball winder had assembly instruction and directions for use included but the yarn swift had nothing. Thank goodness, yarn swifts are not difficult to figure out. It took me about 5 minutes to read the ball winder instructions and get the two tools setup on my kitchen table. It took about 5 minutes to make two working yarn balls from 2 of my 5 -50 gram hanks of Heathered lace weight yarn hanks. Who knew that these two simple but odd looking tools could make my creative time so much easier?!? I’m in love with these two tools!
Both tools setup very quickly and easily. The ball winder is plastic with a metal yarn guide. While I’m not crazy about the plastic parts, the whole mechanism moves quickly and easily.
The yarn swift is wooden with wooden “screws” that hold the clamp on the table and the actual “umbrella” part up. The umbrella is very easily adjusted to fit the hank nicely.
I’ve decided to try to give a review for new books and “toys” in this blog. I’d like to give my camera some more out of the bag time too, so more photos of WIPs will be forthcoming. I’m also waiting anxiously for my new Bluetooth module that will give me “voice” for my computer. I’m also thinking the Queen of Hysteria might enjoy podcasting for fiber crafters out there.


Renée said...

Leigh, I felt like a "real" knitter once I had my own swift and ball winder. Besides, it is so fun to wind the balls of yarn, isn't it? Congrats on your newest toys to play with!

lahaygood said...

it is fun to wind those balls on the swift and the ball winder! i just love them!

Laura said...

I'd be lost without my ball winder and swift.

Just checked back here to your blog and it looks like mine as far as posts go.....I haven't posted for close to a month, so I better get going....hope to read yours soon, too.

lahaygood said...

lol... Laura, I'm working on the next blog this week! I'm so behind, but my house and aviary are looking better. I've gotten a couple of knitting projects complete too!