Monday, November 14, 2005

Jam Packed Week!

I had one of those jam-packed weeks last week! Our little grand-daughter, Madison, was born Monday, November 7, at 4:52 pm. Of course, we think she is the prettiest little girl that has ever been born.

I snapped this picture of the new family but my daughter took a better picture of the three of them so i'll post it later.

My daughter and my 21 month old grandson stayed with us this week for the big event. Whew! No wonder Jennie is so thin! I watched after him for several hours Thursday --keep those eyes peeled, Lala! Hurricane Connor was on the move!

Our little kissing cousins! Connor was telling Madison goodbye on Wednesday afternoon. Bless his little heart. He loved his cousin unless his mommie was holding her. Then he just cried and begged mommie to hold Connor.

This weekend was spent working in the bird barn, moving birds around, pairing up birds, and just general cleaning. We also groomed dogs. No small task with two cockers and a pek/terrier mix with long, curly hair!

Here are just a couple of our cockatiels. Dusty & Spice are young hens that we hope will give us some beautiful babies next year. Pepper is ready to roll in his new breeder cage.

I finished my Opal Pastel socks this morning! Here they are on my feet. I think I have mastered the kitchener stitch with this pair of socks. This is my first pair of socks worked in the round on 2 circular needles so I was very slow in the making of these socks. I have made baby socks with the seam in the back but really prefer working in the round. I hope the next pair will go much faster! When i make this pattern again for me, i will make them just a tad longer than my foot measures. The heel seems a little short to me. I also will prolly make the top of the sock longer than these pair as well.