Monday, October 01, 2007

Fall has begun. I know it is October but we have had such a long hot summer that the cool mornings are like a sigh of relief. The temperature is still climbing into the high 80s up to the low 90s but the mornings and the late evenings are very pleasant.

Since we married, I’ve baked in the summer and done spring cleaning in the fall. Well, this year, we didn’t “do peaches” so I’ve not had the daily bread baking or jelly making for the peachstand. I had hoped to start in august but somehow august slipped past me very quickly and quietly.
My plan was to begin on Monday; however, it was Monday. I honestly have no idea why Mondays are they way they are but if a day in the week is going to fall to pieces, it will be a Monday. If there is a problem with an order, it is going to happen on the weekend so Monday is “fix-it day.” Monday is also the day to start over on all the cleaning around the house and aviary.

My long-term goal for the house and aviary is to be organized and cleaned by the time we leave on our annual Disney trip. When I make my TUIT list (to-do list) every week, there are always at least 30 tasks on it. According to my daughter I should only be doing three a day on my work plan; however I only have seven days in my week. This means I can only get 21 tasks complete each week if I complete all three tasks every day. Every week I end up with nine tasks left over! This is 3 days worth of work every week that doesn’t get done. In two weeks, I’m a week behind again! This translates to two steps forward, one step back twice a month.
It has been like Christmas with new books and magazines arriving in the mailbox this week. Never Knit Your Man a Sweater* (*unless you’ve got the ring!), Knit Fix, and Interweave Knits Fall 2007 are here! I’ve had a ball going through the house finding a quiet spot to read through each one!

Never Knit Your Man a Sweater* by Judith Durant has 22 projects inside. While the coasters don’t excite me, the laptop cover, the socks, mittens, vests and sweaters just inspire me to no end! I’ve never knitted mittens or gloves so I can see a pair on my needles very soon. The argyle socks are based on a 1950 Bucilla Yarn pattern. Since I love argyle, I can really foresee knitting a pair of them. Wouldn’t it be pretty to have matching socks and sweater?

Knit Fix by Lisa Kartus has already become a resource book on my bookshelf. I love the spiral binding this book sports. I wish all my fiber books had this type of binding. The book lies very flat and the pages flip so easily. The chapters are clearly titled. Pictures in each fix are just wonderful. Lisa has used both photos and very clearly drawn diagrams for each step of the fix. She has colored the working thread and the mistake in the drawn diagrams so they are very easy to see in the black & white drawing.

This is my very first issue of Knits Fall 2007 magazine and it is just packed with eye-candy and inspiration for me! There are hats, sweaters, stockings, vests, and socks packed into this one magazine. There are gorgeous cabled patterns, articles of color work and texture. Since I’m starting to think of Christmas gifts, this issue is certainly a keeper for me. There is an Aran sweater that I can mentally see me wearing. It has a nice small cowl neck and some lovely cables that don’t go past the bustline in the front. This will be very flattering and won’t accent a thicker waist. The concentric vest is more like a sleeveless shrug that I think will be just darling on my daughter-in-law. It has been worked with larger needles so should work up fairly quickly, even though it has to be seamed at the shoulders and sides. The Cobblestone pullover has my DH’s name all over it! He will be very handsome in this style sweater in some luscious orange or bright colored wool.
I finished a couple of projects this week! I’m so pleased and I have made some major progress on a couple more. Just off my needles are the kimono baby jacket from Mason-Dixon Knitting and my felted ipod case from Knit Picks.

I need to stitch the buttonhole and button for the jacket and my ipod case needs another round of felting, I think. But I should be listening to my ipod in style by the weekend! i'll post a pic of the ipod case when i have finished it.

Miss Olivia is going to look darling in her kimono jacket and Elizabeth Zimmerman leggings. The EZ leggings are actually my September project with the Elizabeth’s Year yahoo group. As usual, I’m about a month behind. I edged the jacket in the same yarn I am going to make the EZ leggings, Swish DK Petal, from Knit Picks. I think I’ll be making at least one more ipod case since the pattern is for an ipod mini and my ipod is a nano. I need to make some size adjustments so the case will be a nice fit.

My Pi Shawl is slow but sure. I’m so glad I decided to add the lace stitching to the 288 stitch rounds as opposed to making all 24 rounds be just plain. There are definite errors in the pattern because I don’t seem to count very well, but all in all, I’m enjoying the EZ Pi shawl pattern. Knitting lace has been quite an adventure for me. As I said before I tend to be at least a month behind on my KAL with the EZ year yahoo group. The Pi Shawl was our July project. Oh, well, at least I’m knitting.

My two quilts are waiting patiently for me to get back to them. Brenton’s quilt needs a major piecing day and Sam’s quilt is almost ready for sandwiching, basting and quilting. I‘m planning to do some major quilting this weekend. My guest suite which will be doing double duty as my fiber studio is still in disarray. (This is a polite way of saying it is a wreck!) I’m planning to spend some time sorting through and cleaning out the closets this weekend so I can put things away in an organized fashion.

This weekend is also the Cotton Pickin’ Fall Craft Festival in Gay, GA. This quaint little town is only about a 15 minute drive for us. Since this is our anniversary weekend, dh and I are going to browse the booths tomorrow morning, then have a date night out at one of our favorite restaurants.

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