Thursday, August 02, 2007

A double life ~ Birds & Fiber!

A double life ~ Birds & Fiber!

I lead a double life. I’ve floated between two very different worlds for years. I’ve been in love with fiber for over 30 years and birds for over 16 years. If you look back to my childhood, I’ve been dabbling in both my whole life.
I’ve been looking around at other blogs and podcasts. They all seem to be specialized in one particular area. Since I don’t separate the two of them in my daily life, I’m not sure how to separate them in my blog which is basically reflection of my daily life. While I love my hodge-podge blog here on Stayin’ Stitched!, I am considering making two more serious blogs about the two areas in my life – aviculture and fiber.
I would like the aviculture blog to consist of educational tips, articles, and various adventures in our aviary. More pictures of birds and current topics being discussed on the various exotic forums.
As far as my fiber life, I love designing, teaching, and constructing one-of-a-kind pieces. I miss the creativeness in my life when other areas take over. I’ve quilted for 30+ years now and can’t imagine ever not having a quilt in progress; however, knitting, beading, crochet, and hand-dyeing also provide endless fascination for me.
In both blogs, I foresee book reviews, possible interviews and photos. I started doing some research on podcasting as well, but in the meantime, I think I would like to work on the format for my avicultural and fiber blogs. Eventually, they might develop into podcasts.
So if you are a reader of mine and more specialized posts would be of interest to you, please, leave me a comment with your thoughts and suggestions.


cindy said...

Hi Leigh Anne,
I enjoy blogs like yours that talk about all the things in your life that are of interest. I knit, have birds, and horses. actually I have 4 birds, 2 horses,1 cat and 1 dog. and I really should be cleaning cages right now but I'm reading knitting blogs, Oh well, the birds are right here watching me. I found your blog on Elizabeth's year.
Personally I like reading blogs that are not so specialized, and then you know the person is real and well rounded. Does that make sense? anyway keep up the good work, I for one like reading your blog.... Thanks Cindy James

lahaygood said...

thanks, Cindy! this is the kind of feedback I need! It makes perfect sense in that all of us have multiple facets to our lives.
Leigh Anne

E. said...

Leigh Anne, Just read your blog and I really enjoyed it!!

Thanks Hazel Daze

Andrea said...

I think it would be a great idea! I have this site bookmarked, it would be cool to see a bird specific one!

Andrea Fahy
Bonsai Birds

Leigh Anne said...

thanks, Andrea! I'm working on the bird specific blog now!
Leigh Anne