Thursday, August 02, 2007

Knitting & design dilemma

I’ve accepted the EZ (Elizabeth Zimmerman) Almanac challenge. The gauntlet was thrown down by Kelley Petkun of KnitPicks. I’ve searched and found EZ’s book, got it ordered. I’ve shopped online for my yarn… found it. It is KnitPicks’ Shadow in the campfire color. I really do love the color and the yarn; however, after getting it in my hands, I just can’t visualize this autumn leaf burnt orange in a large Pi shawl. I put out a whine post on the yahoo group about my color choice and got several responses with pictures of my yarn as a Pi shawl. They were beautiful so I will stop my whining and get busy casting on the shawl. (I’ve frogged it completely twice already.)

Lately, all my projects have been learning experiences in that each one has taught me a new technique. My Pi shawl, taken from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitters Almanac, is teaching me to work with lace-weight yarn. I thought it might teach me to use DPNs but I’m going to work it with circular needles so the DPN lesson will wait for a future project. My ipod case will teach me a toe up knitting technique and felting. Miss Olivia’s kimono jacket is teaching me to shape while knitting a sweater. Steve’s scarf has taught me not to use multiple colors and knit cables in the same project. My ribbon scarf has taught me continental knitting method. My dad’s socks have taught me how to correct several dropped stitches.

I know this is a lot of projects going at once but I have gone several months with no projects in the works. In fact, currently, I have one christening gown (actually, it is not but the pattern is a christening gown), 2 quilts, and a set of burp cloths in addition to the various knitting projects. I love having projects going to keep my hands busy.


Laura said...

Hi Leigh Anne,

I just joined in on the EZ Almanac knitting yesterday but I must say that knitting the pi shawl is an undertaking I've never thought about.

I'm not all that big on lace but I have tried knitting a few lacey items in the past year, so I guess I could contemplate it.

It seems like an awful lot of time and much aggravation until one gets it going, at least from what I've read....what do you think?

lahaygood said...

I think the EZ challenge is going to be worth all the time going into each and every project, if for no other reason than I'm learning so many new knitting skills with each one! So far, I've caston my Pi Shawl and ripped it 5 more times since I posted this blog! I'm learning alot of patience while learning to knit lace. I think I can, I think I can....
Leigh Anne