Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Organization Asset or Liability?

Organization –an Asset or Liability?

Hmmm… I’ve been trying to organize my home and my life so that I will have more time for creative work.  However, the more organized I strive to be, the less time I seem to have for creativity.  Is there something wrong with this picture?  Is being organized really going to be a time-saving asset for my creativity or is it really a time-eating liability?  Should I just throw in the towel, a dirty one at that, and forget having a sparkling clean home that is ready for company at any moment so that I can go to the studio and create my art?  

I grew up amongst immaculate housekeepers.  The women on one side of my family worked outside the home, kept an immaculate house and managed a delicious meal every night after work.  These women cleaned their homes, planted a garden, and canned on the weekends.  On the other side of the family, my grandmother loved her animals, letting them roam the house.  She had beautiful flowers in her gardens and probably never canned a day in her life.  Heaven forbid, she bought canned veggies and store-bought jellies, but she wore something new almost every Sunday!  Kom enjoyed her creativity in both her yard and her needlework.  Was she better organized?  Nope, I doubt it.  In fact, I think it can be said that no one came to her house for her cooking or her interior design.  She did however, know how to entertain with fun family stories, ice cold coca-cola and some sort of dessert, even if it was bought at the grocery store.  

Maybe I will let that dust bunny live yet another day… I’m going to the studio for some stitching!