Friday, July 27, 2007

Project weekend update for Friday!!!

Project weekend so far!

Friday was a very busy day after Steve and Brenton left. The cutting table got a very good cleaning and then moved into the sitting room. Pretty uneventful but this task was on my list to do. The organizing and arranging of my knitting needles and crochet hooks came next. I know this doesn’t seem like it should be a priority but the yarn bag had some yarn peeping out of the top that was just perfect to use in the bottom of the vase I had chosen to use. Besides, I had brought up the knitting needles and they kept falling off the ironing board. I was barefooted and decided if the needles and hooks were safely tucked in the vase w/ yarn in the bottom there was less opportunity of putting a DPN in the bottom of my foot! I just love the way my needles look in their crystal vase lined with a “cheap” ball of yarn! My crochet hooks are now arranged in a favorite flowerpot, yarn in the bottom. This clay flower pot has been painted white with little birdhouses going around the bottom. Now it is growing inspiration for my future projects!

I got the bed and the dresser moved. The dresser was so heavy I had to remove the drawers from it to get it moved across the room! Then I tackled the bed. Wicker chair has been moved out of the bed room. Oh, my, what treasure under the bed! I found 3 storage bins of fat quarters under the bed! This alone has my fingers starting to itch and my mental design wall working!

After fondling the fabric for a short while, drinking some ice tea, I sorted through the first two piles of books. Yes, 2-foot stacks of books. I’m an avid book person. I love them and don’t feel that anyone can ever have too many. Most of these books are inventory from the quilt shop so I’m going to list them on eBay after I decide which ones NEED to go into my personal library. After refilling the ice tea glass, I settled down with my laptop to start getting the sell books listed into eBay’s Turbo Lister software so I can get them on eBay this week.

Some of my sewing supplies are now in their new home but most of the fabric stash is still waiting on my in the plastic drawer bins in the garage. I know my sweet hubby will be so glad I purchased some bookshelves for the new fabric closet! The freshly washed fabric stash that is in the guestroom is now piled in the crib waiting to be pressed and folded.

Now for the evening, I’m heading downstairs to the recliner to work on a couple of my knitting projects while I watch a movie!

The movie I watched tonight was The Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith. I really enjoyed it so much! Will is able to portray a very realistic father in this film while adding his own touch of humor throughout the film. My daughter warned me to have the box of tissues while watching. While I didn’t shed enough tears to grab the tissues, my heart strings were tugged throughout the 2 hours. Maybe knitting while I watched saved my tissues for another time. I worked on my new ipod with lanyard and a kimono jacket during the evening. What a great way to end my big work day!

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