Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Favorite shop & my stitching projects

I found out this week that one of my favorite quilt/yarn shops is closing its doors. What a sad day! It seems that the owner is retiring but didn’t want to sell the shop so she is selling out and closing the doors! What a great loss! This shop is a favorite place to visit when I visit my parents. My mom has even picked up yarn for me during sales and kept it for me until I got to her house, then of course, I would NEED to go back to the shop for some unknown supplies.

This week, I’ve gone from not having anything on my knitting needles to having two projects on the needles and 4 new books and yarn for projects ordered! What a fun week! I can hardly wait for all this to arrive at my door. I’ll have 6 projects on the needles by next week!

My dear hubby and dear 2nd son are going on a father/son trip next weekend. I’m trying to get caught up on all aviary and housework so I can do the basic bird care and knit, quilt, and embroider the whole weekend! I’m having a stitching retreat all by myself! I may even set up the embroidery machine and sewing machine in the den so I can watch movies while I stitch until I can’t see straight. At which time, I will go to bed only to get up and stitch again the next day! I’ll stock up on plenty of frozen dinners so there will be no cooking either! Can you tell I’m excited? I thought about inviting a friend or two down for this stitch-in but truthfully, I think the time alone will be wonderful! Sorry, girls…..

This week, I’ve been working on my continental style knitting skills. I’ve been trying to work the socks for my dad in this manner. I still feel that I’m slower than molasses on a very cold January morning but I’m starting to feel less awkward with the process. My left hand seems to be doing most of the work and so it gets rather tired. Thankfully, I have a 2nd project on the needles –the sweater sampler by Jacqueline Fee. This sampler is, from her book, The Sweater Workshop, is supposed to teach all the elements of making a sweater but can’t be worn when it is complete. Since it doesn’t take as much yarn as a real sweater, I’m hoping to learn a lot with very little expense. I bought Wal-mart yarn for this exercise and will use some scrap yarn for the contrasting color that is called for later in the pattern. I’m knitting this English style so my hands get a little rest after the sock continental knitting session.

On the quilt frame, I have two quilts one in the piecing stage; the other is ready for sandwiching. One of these is for Steve’s nephew and the other one is for Brenton, our 2nd son, who graduated this year. I will be working diligently on it to try to finish it before he leaves for college in august. Hopefully both of these quilts will be new patterns for Prim-tiks by the first of the year.

Since I had set 5 new patterns this year as my design goal I really need to get busy and make every project I do count! In other words, I need to bust a move!

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