Thursday, July 19, 2007

cleaning, podcasts and wet floors!

Good grief! Have I mentioned that I’m not sleeping through the night? Mind you, I sleep very soundly when I sleep but the first part of the night, I just can’t go to sleep unless I’m trying to watch one of my favorite TV shows or reading in the recliner. After I finally go to sleep, I sleep hard until about 2:30 am, then I’m wide awake again! Nope, no hot flashes or anything like that. Usually I’m a little chilly ‘cause my dear hubby steals the sheet! After a little midnight stroll to the bathroom for a drink of water, I can slip right back into dreamland, except I don’t dream. Then I’ll sleep until about 5:30, only to repeat the process… stroll, drink of water, and back to dreamland, where I still don’t dream. I finally gave up and got up to begin the day.

Today was to be a cleaning day…. Well, it was a cleaning day, actually more than I bargained for. I plugged in my trusty ipod with newly downloaded podcasts so I could listen while I clean. I love my ipod and I love podcasts even more! I digress….

I began with the nursery cages. They tend to get more than a little grungy because the weaning babies tend to have food fights with their soft weaning food. At least the cages look like that is what happened in them. Remember the movie Animal House? Now you get the picture.

I pulled perches out of the cages, sprayed them with Clorox solution, and started running the hot soapy water in the sink to soak them. (Remember I’m listening to my ipod.) Then I started pulling the cage liner paper out of the trays and scraping the dried food and poop off the liners. Somehow, my birds always miss the liner paper but hit the side of the cage tray. After pulling papers and scraping 8 cage trays, I gathered them up to take them to the sink for a good scrubbing. My kitchen floor was covered in water! I had gotten so engrossed with the podcast, I left the sink faucet on and forgotten it! there was now water standing all over my kitchen!

I was not planning to do any mopping but hey, the floor was wet! Now it is sparkling clean. I can cross that job off my TUIT list and grab a few extra minutes for stitchin’ on Saturday.

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