Sunday, December 18, 2005

New Birds

New Birds

Harley, LemonHead, and Tweedy have joined our flock this week. While we were on vacation last week, my daughter’s mother-in-law called me. Her first question was, “Leigh Anne, do you still love the animals and birds?” Would you be interested in taking three birds from a friend of mine at work?” Before I even knew what species of birds, I quickly said, “YES!” At that point we had just gotten off Mission Space in Epcot. My husband thought I was still spinning around the planet Mars. I quickly told him the plan of picking up the birds on Saturday after we got back from vacation. Then Linda told me what kind of birds I was going to pick up --- a Harlequin Macaw, a Double-yellow headed Amazon, and a Jardine. Now I know I’m spinning around Mars!

LemonHead having a taste of peanut butter on a spoon!

Saturday I was up and at ‘em fairly early. I had to figure out where the three cages were going to go. They are not going to be small cages since these birds are not small birds. They have to be quarantined away from the rest of the birds and babies for a few weeks so that means they are going to be in the house –somewhere. Keep in mind, this is the Saturday before Christmas and almost our entire family will be here for Christmas weekend, the rest would be here on Sunday for Christmas dinner. Also keep in mind that the Martha Stewart, type A hostess mode, kicks in with me the week before an event is going to happen! Steve is starting to panic. Not only are three more LARGE birds coming

into this house with their cages, but Martha will be riding in on her broomstick at any moment!

LemonHead sitting on top of his cage,waiting for a cookie!

Harley, hanging out on the back of Poppa's recliner.

The birds, squawking in their crates, and I arrived back home about 10 pm Saturday night. The two smaller cages were easy. They were in the back of the Tahoe assembled. The macaw cage, on the other hand, was in a pile of pieces. Poor Steve. He just wanted to start thinking about going to bed and I have arrived in full Martha mode, with three large birds, their cages, and have to decide tonight where they are going to be set up, get them setup and no, they cannot stay in those carriers overnight.

Tweedy - "but why can't I eat the candle?"

Well, the birds have settled into daily life with us! We love them very much. They have such individual personalities. LemonHead is an independent cuss who says, “come heeeerre.” We have learned the hard way, not to go when called like that. Tweedy, the jardine, is just a cutie pie. She talks her way through the day and give wolf whistles like I have never gotten before and all for a cookie! Harley, the macaw, is the sweetest bird! She talks softly to herself. I think she could escape from a padlocked box with a chain around it. They all love animal crackers which they call cookies.

Christmas is for sharing and I love sharing our home with our birds!

Murphy, our 12 year old B&G macaw, explaining to Harley, why he is getting the first cookie!

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