Friday, December 09, 2005

First Day of Vacation

I guess I should have posted these pictures yesterday with our arrival at Disney's Boardwalk Resort but we really were too tired to even enjoy the lobby much less take any pictures of it. But here is a sample of the beauty that welcomes us home when we come to Disney. The horse chandeliar is just massive centered at the front door. The decorations adore a beautifully decorated victorian beach style lobby. Everywhere you look there is eye candy to behold!

This is one of the many garlands that hang throughout the resort.

This elephant is one of the everyday pieces but I happen to love elephants so I zoomed in on him and snapped his picture. You might be seeing him in a future quilt design.

Below is a picture of part of the lobby as you come through the front doors. Boardwalk is one of our favorite Disney resorts. It is always beautiful, but during the Christmas season, it is absolutely gorgeous!

Onto the rest of the story....

First Day of Vacation and the rain continues….
We woke to rain Friday morning, but decided to have a magical day anyway! We ate breakfast in the room, dressed, worked for a couple of hours then headed out the door. We walked through Epcot and caught a bus to Wilderness Lodge to check it out for a future trip. After a wonderful chili and fruit lunch at the lodge, we explored that lodge like it has never been explored before. Steve and I could just visualize the children and grandchildren in that lodge.
Here's a few photos of Wilderness Lodge. As I said, it is very rustic but very comfy and cozy.

The pool at Wilderness lodge is so pretty! There's rocks and shrubbery all around so you get the feeling of being in the wilderness but with a heated pool! The pool even had steam coming off it. I tried to get the duck's picture while he was swimming in the pool but some kids moved in on him before i could get his photo.

Another guest was hanging out in the lodge when I was taking pictures of Steve in front of the Christmas tree. She offered to take our picture together. We don't look too bad considering we had been exploring in the rain all afternoon!

Here's Steve in the long hallway that leads back up from one of the little sandwich shops to the main lobby in the lodge.

This is the totem pole in the lobby.
Once again, a very nice cast member saw me taking pictures of steve with the topiary Mickey. He had a extremely large load of luggage but stopped and took our picture together.

Did i mention the gorgeous decorations at all the Disney resorts? This was in a very cozy little nook in Wilderness lodge. This particular nook had a very cozy sitting area around a fireplace with game tables set up for chess, checkers, and backgammon. Steve & I have decided that we will be staying at Wilderness lodge the next time we come down....

This was the scene we saw as we waited on the bus to return to Boardwalk. I love our "explore and hangout" days when we go down to Disney World. We usually have at least two of these days during our week. It's a nice break from the Parks! What a nice way to end the day!

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