Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Fun!

Christmas is such a fun time here at the Haygood's! We both love decorations so getting Steve to help me decorate is easy! About the only thing I can't get him to do is help me decorate the tree. It seems now that the children are either grown or a teenager, that decorating the tree has fallen to me and Casper, the 14 year old Persian cat. Course, Casper doesn't do a lot towards hanging the ornaments on the tree. He supervises from one of the chairs in the living room. His most vocal opinion is likened only to a loud snore. Casper and I do a pretty good job though, don't you think?
I participated this year in a yahoo group called Christmas Notebook. It is a very helpful group with Rhonda leading us to an organized Christmas plan. While I didn'tÂ’t complete all my assignments this year (I will be working on the notebook throughout this year for next Christmas!), my Christmas went so much smoother this year. I got the decorating started the weekend after thanksgiving, went on vacation, then came back and finished up the decorations, gift wrapping, and baking. My Christmas shopping was almost completely done by the time we left for vacation. We had both sets of our parents here, all the children, grandchildren, and SteveÂ’s grandmother here for Christmas dinner. My daughter, son-in-law, grandson, and my parents stayed here for the weekend. What a fun holiday! This house was meant to be filled with people laughing!

Family started arriving here Christmas Eve in time for chili supper. Connor, with a little help from Lala, found the chocolate covered pretzels.

Mom, Jennie and I combined forces for Christmas breakfast preparation. We feasted on breakfast casserole, fresh fruit, biscuits, and coffee. Then it was time to pop the ham in the oven and dress before everyone else arrived!

Poppa and Connor discussing Santa, riding the tractor, and the Teddy Bear Tree.

Granddad and Cole sharing a cup of cappincino as they contemplate why Cole's mommie and daddy do not want him to whip those cocker spaniels.

Santa came to see Connor at our house this year! What fun to have a toddler experience Santa! Steve and I were the last ones to get into bed with our nightcaps and almost the first ones up Christmas morning. With a camera in one hand and a Christmas coffee mug in the other, we let Connor into the den to see what Santa had brought!

Connor showing his daddy how that trunk works! Look, Daddy, a real screwdriver and wretch in the trunk!

Jennie is sitting quietly among Santa. I think she is planning where in the house she is going to put it all!

The gang is starting to gather for dinner.

Here's Pete (my husband's grandmother) laughing and enjoying the children. By the way, Pete is 92, lives alone, maintains her own home, keeps a small herd of cows, and picks peaches every day during peach season. We think Pete is awesome!

Christmas dinner was served buffet style here. I really think this is the way to entertain. Put out the food and watch ‘em go after it!

Snickers was found sitting at the coffee table, wishing someone would help him go through the buffet line.

After dinner, Brenton, our 16 year old, donned his Santa hat and passed out the presents. WOW! The wrapping paper in our den would have wrapped Mt. Everest twice! While Brenton was wearing the Santa hat, Grammy was doing the "Mouse"!

Aunt Jennie & Madison spending a couple of quiet minutes in the midst of Christmas Hoorah!

This is my son, daughter-in-law and new granddaughter. They look like they are having a family conference discussing how to handle next Christmas when Madison is 13 months old! heheheWon'tn't it be fun?!?

Lala explaining to Madison that Christmas is really fun! I also promised this newest member of our large family that she could have a turkey leg next Christmas if she wanted it!

After everyone had hugged and said their goodbyes, Steve and I sat down in the after glow of a wonderful family filled day! I love Christmas!
Merry Christmas all!

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