Friday, July 22, 2005

New beginnings

I know that sometimes, I seem flighty even to myself.  Truthfully, I’m not flighty, I’m overstretched and have been stressed to the point of complete shutdown for a while now.  I’ve realized that my focus must be on God and family first.  The creative side will emerge naturally when the stress is reduced.  The many facets in my life have been family, church, quilt shop, online quilt shop, pattern design, bird breeder, baker, event coordinator, teacher, wife, mother, and grandmother.  Too many hats for two people, much less one person! 


I've been doing a Bible study that deals with stress. I think mostly I tend take on too many projects, thus becoming overwhelmed, then immobilized.  After much debate with my husband, prayer, and arguing with self, I’ve decided to start reducing the retail business until it is closed.  The designing side of my business is so much more fulfilling than just selling supplies.  I love to teach, speak to groups and write.  My parrots, garden, and family are my daily inspiration.  I’m finding that packing orders and updating the retail site are not rewarding to me.  The website will remain open but will be changing as the stock decreases.  This is a major step for me.  I’ve been struggling for years to be all to everyone.  I can’t.  I’m only one small person.  I’ve begun to think that the shop is one of life’s roadblocks or detours.  It has been good at times, but seems to cause stress and friction more times than not. 


Hugs & Smiles,

Leigh Anne Haygood

Patchwork Parrot


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