Wednesday, July 27, 2005

good discipline

It is amazing to me how fast my days go lately! I’m trying to form the habit to do my blogging and some other writing, as well as my design work in the morning hours. However, I’m just getting to the blog and it is late afternoon!

I worked on a couple of patterns today, one in the drafting stage and one in the instruction writing stage. Then progressed onto working on the website work for a while.

I started a baby sock this morning with my coffee for our soon to arrive granddaughter, Madison. It is so tiny and pink! I’m using double point needles for the first time. These are pretty awkward at first but I’ve casted on the stitches and have done my first two rounds on the sock. My other sock (being worked on circular needles) had several dropped stitches in it so I performed the dreaded frog stitch on it and took out about 5 rows this morning. Now to put that sock back on the circ needles and proceed onto the toe! I hate frog stitches!

I need to get a new battery for my camera so I can post pictures in my blog. It makes it so much more interesting when there are pictures going along with the writing.

Last night I went to my cake decorating class! Oh, my, another outlet for my creativity! We learned to make little icing clowns. My clowns, shells, and drop flowers are great; however, my roses look like I feel in this humidity we are having in Georgia. They were wilted and that is being kind!

Back to the grindstone for a while then to Revival tonight! Have a great evening!

Hugs & Smiles,

Leigh Anne Haygood

Patchwork Parrot

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