Saturday, October 13, 2007

Magic Loop, EZ's almanac, and various other mundane tidbits....

Magic Loop & other fun and mundane things….

This week I’ve gotten my September EZ almanac project cast-on. I decided to try the Magic Loop method for this project since I had heard so many great comments about it from the EZ Year yahoo group. Well, I think I love it! It is so nice to only have to keep up with one set of needles and the order of knitting. The cast-on was a little confusing but once that was figured out, I was ready to knit! So my leggings for Miss O are coming along very nicely at this point.

EBay is addicting! I start watching and shopping for an item and the Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde syndrome occurs in my mind. I find what I want whether it is a new Pixar Car for my grandson, a dollhouse piece, spindle or yarn, as long as it isn’t a “buy it now”, and the bid war is on. Sometimes, I take it very personally if my item happens to be desired by someone else. How dare they bid against me? Don’t they know I NEED that item? I love selling on EBay as much as buying. It is so exciting to see folks watching and bidding on items I have to sell! Go check out all my stuff! My eBay store link is:

I’ve mentioned several times the ongoing major organization project in my house. Well, I cleaned out the laundry storage baskets and found quite a treasure! My older son used to store his shoes in very nice flannel drawstring shoebags. I found four of them in one of the storage baskets. Apparently, I had washed them a while back and then stuck them in the basket thinking Rick would retrieve them later; however he didn’t. Well, one man’s trash is now his mom’s treasure! These bags are just the perfect size for small knitting or stitching To-go projects. I can toss the plastic Ziploc bags now! My to-go projects will now look a little classier when they travel.

Well, as of Monday, I’m going back to Flylady. It is time to focus on decluttering and getting the house ready for the holidays. Our annual trip to Florida is looming in the horizon and all major cleaning, decluttering and holiday decorating must be done before we leave. I have eight weeks to get it in gear….. Time to roll! Decluttering will be my focus the next four weeks with a zone a week being worked. I also have some major work to do in my aviary. It is time to winterize but I have some re-arranging in the aviary to do so that everything is more efficient for me as well as the bird-sitter while we are in Florida. I spent about an hour this morning reviewing Fly lady’s plan of action and printing off a calendar for the next several weeks. I got my work plan on the calendar for the next few weeks so I’m hyped up to get my house, aviary and garden in order!

Today, Saturday, October 13, 2007, is my day to work in the guestroom that will be doubling as my studio and office space. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post some pictures to show how organized I am in the house by Christmas.


Laura said...

Hi Leigh Anne,

I've tried Fly Lady's plan too but don't seem to get very question to you is where do you get all your energy? Mine seems to be fading fast, which is a bummer!

lahaygood said...

Hey, Laura!
When I first tried Flylady 5 years ago, I almost killed myself! I thought she meant that I should work on one task for 15 minutes, then the next 15 minutes I should go to another task on the list. My house was sparkling but I was exhausted! A kind soul on a Flylady group told me to work on a task for 15 minutes then go do something fun for the other 45 minutes every hour. I tried that but I tend to need to stay focussed on a task until it is finished.

So now, I follow her zone calendar with the task lists she gives each week but I work for 45 minutes on a task then give myself a 15 minute reward to do something for myself. It seems to work better for me. I stop all household, paperwork and aviary work by 6 PM everyday. After supper, I then treat myself to reading, knitting, and TV.

As far as my energy source....... VITAMINS and vitamin B12!!!!