Monday, October 03, 2005

Baby Showers, cakes, and stuff

We had a baby shower here this past weekend! Showers are such fun! Besides the fact it gave me a reason to entertain, my house is sparkling clean now too! Why do we all panic when company is coming to our house? My family stayed with me this weekend but you would have thought the president was coming for a visit. I had three TUIT (around to it) lists for me and one for my husband to accomplish before the shower started on Saturday! After cleaning the house, making sure the guest rooms were company ready, and doing the cakes, I realized on Friday that dear husband hadn't quite started on the yard work I wanted done before Saturday afternoon! That was the only time the whole week I almost lost it! Dear husband is the one sane voice in my frenzied outlook when preparing for company, especially my mother, who is the white glove inspector when it comes to a clean house. He simply looked at me and replied, no one is sick, the nuclear war hasn't started, this is a shower and whatever doesn't get done won't matter when it is all over. You know, I hate to admit it, but he was (as usual) so right. The shower was lovely. The house was clean. The yard was pretty and no one even walked down to my immaculate gazebo anyway. When Sunday morning came and the folks were leaving, my dad remarked what a nice place we have and how much fun he had visiting, even if it was for a baby shower. LOL..... I hate it when DH is right!

I made two cakes for the shower this weekend. With both of them, I used a butter cake and buttercream icing.
This cake was constructed with 2 oval layers and a 6" round layer. Yes, It is an old fashion bassinet. That is supposed to be a baby in the bassinet, my husband thought it resembled a very small pink alien, but no, it is a baby. I constructed the baby blanket and the bassinet skirt with Fondant icing; the basket weave and flowers were made from Buttercream icing.

We ended up cutting the second cake because my daughter didn't want to cut up the bassinet cake. Now what am I supposed to do with it?
Top view of Cake #2.

Sideview of Cake #2.

Being a fairly crafty Grandmommie, I made a couple of gifts for Madison. Her sweater is still on the needles but I did finish her hat. No pictures of it yet because I didn't take one since I didn't have a model. I'll post one with her modeling it in the next month or two. I got a couple of burpcloths embroidered for her. At this point in time, I have a smocked outfit, a quilt, and several more burpcloths in progress for Madison. I want her to be the best dressed little girl in town!

This is one of the burpcloths I embroidered for Madison.

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