Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I don't get it and neither did my husband.

This past weekend, my husband's family all gathered together in Auburn, AL for Auburn University's homecoming game. All the brothers and my two sister-in-laws are Auburn Alumni and our nephew is currently attending Auburn. Needless to say, Auburn was invaded with Haygoods. I'm not an Auburn Alum but I went along for the ride. Coincidentally, Gee's Bend Quilt exhibition is on display at Auburn's Art Center. My dear husband took me to see the exhibit after the game.

We gathered up the brochure and proceeded into the exhibit. For a couple of minutes, we walked in silence. My dear husband, who is not a quilter but has been dragged through quite a few exhibits, looked over at me and said, "What's the big deal with these quilts?" He's right.

I know that these quilts have stirred the quilting world for a couple of years now; however, these quilts were not created to be art. They are utilitarian quilts that have seen lots of love and more use. I applaud the fact these women of Gee's Bend made do with what they had and used it up, but they didn't do anything our foremothers since this country was born didn't do. Our foremothers used old clothing and scraps to create their patchwork. The creativity seen in some of the Gee's Bend quilts is wonderful but none of these quilts would have won any prizes in either the art world or the quilting world.

Here's my disclaimer for this post. It is my personal opinion to which I'm entitled.


Joe said...

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Leigh Anne Haygood said...

Thanks, Joe! My husband,two sons and daughter-in-law play a little golf. I'll pass your url onto them!
Leigh Anne