Monday, September 05, 2005

Patchwork Parrot's FIDZ (Feathered, furry, or fin Kids!)

Today, I want to introduce you to some of the Patchwork Parrot FIDZ. I know you think we are very diverse here and we are! But we have a ball! Our babies are known as FIDZ (feather, furry or finned whichever is appropriate at the time KIDZ)
Bailey is our oldest cocker, age 6. He is a love! Bailey used to go to work with me on a daily basis when I worked in a Nursing Home in Flowery Branch, Ga. All the residents loved him. He is now retired from nursing but continues to go to work with me down in the studio. I have had a four-legged shadow for 6 years!

Murphy, a blue & gold macaw, is our oldest Fidz. He has appeared in an ad for the Tourism commission of Aruba, and makes appearances periodically to various schools and events. He loves young people, especially girls! His vocabulary exceeds 75 words. During the course of the day, he will do the roll call of the various residents here at our house and aviary. He usually starts out with Momma and goes down the list from there.

Snickers is our youngest cocker. Here he is sitting on his throne, aka sofa, with a toy and Poppa's magazine. It is great to be king!

Cheryl is owned by Marley and I'm not mixed up when i say that! Marley is a greenwing macaw who was born in 2004. He is a love but has a definite attitude as to who owns who at Cheryl and Ron's house!

Bobbin, Moluccan Cockatoo, is on the left; Gracie, Congo African Grey, is on the right. Bobbin wormed her way into Cheryl and Ron's heart and home while they were waiting on Marley to wean. Bobbin is still quite the charmer! Bobbin and Marley charmed us, charmed Cheryl and Ron, and gave us two great new friends!

Gracie travels with her new daddy.

These next two pictures are of "LA" We're not sure yet if LA is a male or female so LA will do for now. LA hasn't officially been named by her new mommy yet. Her adoptive mommy lives in Louisana and we are hoping she is doing ok since Katrina!

Peek-a-boo! I see you! I love my laundry basket!

Yummy! Please, mam, may I have more baby food?

Buffet is our newest addition to the permanent family. He was born in January 2005. He is a greenwing Macaw. He and Murphy share the outside aviary during the day. They just love it! That's Murphy in the background. He was being ornery that day and wouldn't come out in the yard to play.

That's about it for today. I'll try to share more pictures of the rest of the gang, yes, there are more, with you another day.

Hugs & Smiles,
Leigh Anne Haygood
Patchwork Parrot
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