Sunday, August 14, 2005

Thoughts turning to Christmas

Good morning!
My thoughts have started turning towards Christmas! Actually, they are turning towards gift crafting and decoration planning. Isn't it wonderful we can have the spirit of Christmas in August? I just love Christmas! I've joined a yahoo group, Christmas Notebook. It is a class to help you put together a Christmas Schedule Guide for your decorating, gift-making, wrapping, baking, etc.... Membership is open until the end of August. I urge you to join this wonderful group to get your Christmas stress free this year! Christmas Notebook homepage I know you are thinking that you don't need one more obligation towards Christmas but in the last two weeks, i've already seen what a great tool this notebook is going to be for me! Like my dayrunner and my daily Control journal, it will become my brain during the christmas season.

I finished a gift this week. I crocheted my niece a scarf in lime green and turquoise. Obviously, since she is getting it for Christms, I couldn't let her model it for you yet. Remington Braveheart Bear agreed to model it for you. I just hope i can get it off him now!

Blogging is really such a good exercise in writing. I read somewhere a couple of years ago that every artist should write, whether they are a writer or not, two pages daily. Just sit down and write whatever comes out of your pen. Of course, blogging is a little more disciplined than just writing in a journal but it is such a great exercise in getting those creative juices flowing!

Have a marvelous day!
hugs & smiles,
Leigh Anne Haygood
Patchwork Parrot

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