Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

A friend of mine shared this on Facebook today.  I want to credit the proper author here on this post so I've edited the post to include the author of this lovely sentiment.

While I don't consistently participate in this day, I am a fan of it. I'm a fan of love, because without it, without the promise of it, without the feeling of it, what is there? Being "In Love" though, well that's the deal ain't it. Kisses are different, hugs mean more and the intimacy with that person that makes you transcend the physical? It's just magical is all. That one person can take you to the stars or be the rock you smash yourself against. You know what, either way, worth it. Passion is a wonderful thing, but is everything. I don't mind what I've lost, it was less than what I gained and tomorrow is a new day. Who knows what's going to happen on that day. Happy Valetines Day to you! 

"Love is sometimes denied, sometimes lost, sometimes unrecognized, but in the end always found with no regrets, forever valued and kept treasured." Leo Tolstoy

The one thing I do know, don't let this be the one day out of the year that they know how special they are to you. You never know which kiss will be the last one.
Brian Hames

Have a beautiful Valentine's day!  go hug your loved ones!

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