Thursday, February 06, 2014

2014 is now in full swing!  This post isn't about resolutions or goals but really an introduction of myself to the world.  While I don't feel I can or even should reveal everything detail about my life, I do feel that part of growing in this life is being open.  Sharing my life experiences has two-fold benefits: 
1.    Sharing my experience may help someone out there who is just beginning a similar experience to get through said experience without the same mistakes.
2.    Sharing my experience helps to sort it out in my mind and heart so that it is compartmentalized in proper perspective.  Experience is meant to teach and strengthen us, not harm us. 

That being said, I tend to be a perfectionist and try to plan my blog so that it is very appealing to any and everyone who reads it.  I’ve realized that this perfectionism is causing too much procrastination.  My perfectionism keeps me from trying lots of various creative outlets because I might fail!  The creativity might not be up to everyone’s standards.  Well, know what?  I will fail if that is my bar for success!  I cannot jump high enough to clear that bar!  Someone is not going to be pleased.

So…. Here is my goal for this blog.  No more just planned out articles that are months apart.  As things come to mind whether I have one thought or paragraph or 10 pages, I’ll just throw it up on the blog.  If one posts isn’t to anyone’s liking maybe someone will love the next one. 

Till next time, probably later today since something else is already has a finger on my spirit!

With a happy heart (most of the time),

Leigh Anne the Queen of Hysteria

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