Tuesday, April 06, 2010

New Year goals should be made in the Spring.

Spring….you know, instead of making goals or resolutions in the dead of winter in January, we should make our goals and resolutions in the spring of the year.  What better time to make goals but as the dogwood trees, iris, and daffodils are blooming in all their glory? So, here’s my goals for the three months.  Today I am setting a deadline for myself that I will complete this list by July 1, 2010.  Although this is a tall order, it gives me a definite deadline.  I work better with deadlines so I’m putting these into effect as of today, April 5, 2010. 

·         Start each day with the Lord, prayer and Bible study

·         Read my Bible daily

·         Write something daily:  journal, blog, or book chapters

·         Order business cards & office supplies for Life Coaching

·         Make a flyer for small group for abortion

·         Finish sorting and tossing in the house

·         Clean the bird barn and set it up like Nanny’s old playhouse

·         Sort and toss the storage building

·         Sort and toss the potting shed

·         Begin the zone work each week as prescribed by FlyLady

·         Clean the yard of limbs

·         Weed the flower beds

·         Prune the shrubbery and roses

·         List books and fabric in eBay store

·         Pot little Disney plants

·         Put away all Christmas décor

·         Wash curtains

·         Make new curtains as needed in each room



I was listening to the TV spiritual channels this morning.  Joyce Meyer was speaking about letting your soul going on vacation, even though you are physically or emotionally going through hard times.  I think instead of my soul, it is really allowing my spirit to be on vacation each day.  It is so difficult to let go and let God.  What a cliché’ but what truth there is within those words.  So often we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders and we don’t have to shoulder the world or the world’s problems.  Jesus said, “…my yoke is easy and my burden is light” (Mat 11:30).  I am a natural worrier; just ask my children and husband.  I read a story last year that stuck with me.. 


A man had been told by God to take 3 rocks up to the top of the mountain.  The These rocks had been troublesome to the man and God wanted him to unload these problems. 

The Man thought what an easy task. The day is beautiful and sunny.  I’ll pull the wagon up the mountain in no time.  As he left his home, his wife gave him several of her rocks.  His son

dropped a rock or two in the wagon.  The load was a little heavier but still ok.  Man continues down the road, whistling as he walked with the wagon behind him.  His neighbor saw him with the wagon and asked him to take his two rocks to save himself a trip.  The Man agreed; after all, it was the neighborly thing to do.  As he crossed the bridge into town, he ran into the mayor and the pastor.  They both had several rocks they had been meaning to take to the top of the mountain.  Could he possibly take them with him?  The man took the rocks into his wagon and left town.  The longer he pulled, the hotter he got.  What was God thinking giving him this heavy load to carry all the way up that mountain?  Halfway up the mountain, Man stopped wiped his brow.  “Lord, why did you give me this heavy load on such a hot day?”  The Lord responded, “I only told you to carry your 3 rocks to the top of the mountain, so that they would not trouble you anymore.  You chose to pick up your wife and son’s rocks; your neighbor, the pastor and the mayor’s rocks.  The burden I asked you to carry was “easy and light.”” 


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