Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I've read that life is like a patchwork quilt, sometimes well planned, sometimes a crazy quilt. I know my life has been that way. I've tried to be the independent modern woman, the submissive housewife and mother, the perfectionist woman who thought she could juggle job, family, husband, and remain sane. Somewhere in the middle of all this is just a woman stayin' stitched together. I am passionate about three things in my life: my God, my family, and my art in that order. So begins my introduction to the world of blogging.

My relationship with God has been a winding, twisting road, full of roadblocks and detours. I've tried to plan my life myself, handle crisis alone. It doesn't work. The roadblocks that have occurred in my life have been a result of my trying to control my life. The detours have taken me down roads I would rather have not found. God has turned all my detours and roadblocks to the good in the long run. Recently, I realized that everytime I take matters into my own hands, that I lose sight of my desire. So, I'm striving to spend more time with my Heavenly Father daily quietly so I can hear His plan for my life. He manages me so much better than I do.

I'm married, finally, to the love of my life, after taking a couple of wrong turns. I have two biological children from previous marriages, one delightful stepson, who I think of as my spiritual child. My husband and I have quite a few feathered and furry children, known to us as Fidz. This past year I became a grandmother and just love that new role! While having children through the years was very inspiring in my art, I think being grandmother is even more inspiring! I'm free to enjoy his antics as a child with none of the parental responsibilities of raising him! I love being able to create while looking through his year old eyes at this big world.

I've been quilting for 27 years, teaching quilting', sewing and embroidery for 23 years. I started designing patterns for my classes a dozen years or so ago and just in the last few years, I have started self publishing my designs. I started hand-dyeing about 10 years ago. The journey of fabric, embellishments and color have been amazing! I've owned two shops during my journey, one in 1984 and now I have another one. Patchwork Parrot is not your typical quilt shop. You won't find every imaginable style of fabric in it, nor will you find every quilt gadget on the market. You will find class room tables, hand-dyed fabrics, batiks, books, patterns, and various notions and threads. It is a working studio for my art as well as interior design. The studio/shop is nestled behind our home at the edge of a 600 acre woods. As you are coming down the path to the shop, you will pass the birdbarn so don't be startled when you hear several of the birds call out a big "Hello" or try to call you to the telephone. Yes, we have baby birds all through the year too!

Even today, I find that my journey continues. Everyday there is something new and exciting to learn. This blog will be notes and tips as my life journey continues. I hope through my trials, errors, and triumphs to inspire beginners to begin their own creative journey. Come join me as I continue my artistic and spiritual journey. I don't know where this journey will lead, but I'm sure it will continue to be exciting as I stay stitched!!!

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