Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Homesteading, pallets, and gardening

I’m so excited about our weekends! We’ve been spending time outside working on patio and herb/veggie garden setup. it looks great! yesterday, Steve finished putting the topsoil and potting soil mix in the herb/veggie beds while I planned what is going in there while sitting on the nice clean patio! The veggie/herb beds are based on the pallet gardening technique this year.  I’ll also be doing some container gardening as well. 

We ended our afternoon by riding down to Lake Guntersville Dam. (can you tell we love Lake Guntersville?) Delightful walk on one side of the dam and we gathered with other eagle lovers to watch one of the babies stretch his wings in the nest. As we were walking back to the truck, one of the eagle parents flew and circled on his/her way back to the nest. We parked the truck again and watch while she fed her babies in the nest. no pictures of eagles yet, as my camera battery was dead as a doornail!   I wanted to share my new rose bed too. Steve made this for me while I visited my family a couple weeks ago. Bragging about our homesteading (make it do, use it up or do without philosophy), this rose bed was made completely from pallets that were to be thrown awy as were our pallet herbal beds. I'm so proud of him and love my herb and rose garden beds! He bought roses to add to my rose collection, brought home topsoil so I was able to plant the new roses in the pallet bed this weekend.
I plan to add some annuals around the roses to cascade over the sides for additional color this summer! Steve is now in the process of making a second raised bed to add more growing space to my flower garden! I love recycling and repurposing these pallets that would just be thrown away otherwise!

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