Monday, April 09, 2007

why do i do what i do?

A couple of days ago, my little grandson got in trouble. He burst into tears and cried, "No body understands my case!" I know exactly what he means! I’m still trying to make my mom understand why I am the way I am. Someone told me once that since I was a Pisces, I was a free spirit. If I believed that certain phases of the moon could really make each of us have a certain personality, then I might just use that every time one of my actions came out of left field. My mom says I have a restless spirit. I really am not restless, but I am a free spirit. Mark Twain might have been writing about me when he wrote:

“She was not quite what you would call refined. She was not quite what you would call unrefined. She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot.”

My mom says it is her curse that I took after my father's side of the family with my love of animals and raising them. My daddy instilled a certain attitude in me that even though I was a "girl" I could do anything I wanted to do -- that includes raising animals, shoveling out a bird barn, carrying 40 lb bags of feed, and still worrying about if my makeup is fresh enough to go to town. I'm not quite refined but hey, I'm not unrefined either! I love wine, no beer please. I love art work but neon signs do nothing for me unless they are Disney World! I would love to travel Europe but again, Disney World is almost as exciting to me as traipsing through the castles of Austria. I'm a blue jean kind of gal but enjoy dressing up sometimes in dresses with pumps. My husband actually holds the door for me no matter what I have on. So what makes one refined or unrefined? I can't imagine being dressed to the nines all day everyday would give me the same feeling that it does now when we are going somewhere special. I love the anticipation of the hot shower, putting my makeup on just so, dressing in something feminine and even a little sexy. Work days are just that... work days. As such, jeans, tees or sweaters, boots or crocs are so much more practical in the aviary than pumps.

I do what I do for my career because it feels right to me. It's casual, rewarding and creative. I can wear jeans and boots at our aviary even when customers come to call because technically, I’m a farmer.

It’s so rewarding to raise those little dinosaur babies into big, beautiful, healthy, well-adjusted pets to give someone a life-time of pleasure. How many people can make that claim? When I raise a bird for someone to take home, I’ve raised them a life-long companion. Most birds will live 15 to 80 years, depending on the species.

It’s so creative. I get to write about my experiences, educational articles for new bird breeders; I get to show my birds in competition, and I am photographer extraordinaire (not quite, but don’t tell the birds). I also lay awake at night dreaming up a new design for nestboxes, cages, and toys. Poor hubby has a very long honey-do list.
Ah, well, forgive the rambling today... I was musing and got a little lost in the thought....

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