Friday, November 10, 2006

Doors open and doors

Doors open and doors close.  Some doors close gently and others just slam right in one’s face, smashing the old fingers in the process. My retail quilting business has just such a door.  It has taken on several personas through the years, but mostly it has been a revolving door.  I’ve come in and gone out of it several times for various reasons, but now the revolving door has finally closed on the retail quilting side of Patchwork Parrot.

Closing the quilt shop is so hard.  Quilting and retail has been a part of my life for 25 years.  Gosh, time flies!  I’ve seen lots of changes and even more new techniques.  It’s so inspiring to have sales reps visit with all the new fabrics coming in the next season.  The preview books from the two major publishers are always like a big box of chocolates!  The quilters I’ve met during the quilt show/guild meetings where we have setup tables and rooms are just the greatest.  

My life has changed a lot in the last four years.  The bird business has grown; the designing has increased as well.  The hardest thing for me is to set something free that I love.  I tend to hang on till I choke the life out of the things I love. After all, whatever coming around the next bend is scary as all get out!  But like a wild bird, I’m letting the retail business go free so I can pursue and explore all the exciting and new opportunities that seem to be comin’ round the mountain! I think I’ll meet Mr. Opportunity in a pair of red jammies!


Diana said...

BEST WISHES IN THE NEXT PART OF YOUR LIFE You will tackle the challenges with determination and good humor and will do well.

Anyone can do anything one step at a time.

Leigh Anne Haygood said...

thanks, Diana! I sure hope to keep a sense of humor about life.
Leigh Anne